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Netiquette for My Campus </h1>

By Mr. Viereck
Professor of Technology
East Orange Campus
High School</h3>

<p>These are the proper manners for the Citizens of My Campus.</p>
<h4>The Golden Rule</h4>
<p>Show the same respect that you want others to show you.</p>

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<li>Be Polite and Respect Everyone</li>
<li>Follow the Golden Rule</li>
<li>Make only positive comments</li>
<li>Greet people properly</li>
<li>Never post private messages in the public area</li>

<li>Present Yourself in a Positive Image</li>
<li>No obscene gestures or gang signs</li>
<li>Use positive titles and captions</li>
<li>Use proper grammar, spelling and punctuation</li>
<li>Never use all <pre>“CAPITAL”</pre> letters</li>
<li>Never use all <pre>“lower case”</pre> letters</li>
<li>Use spell check</li>

<p>Manners are just as important online as they are in person.</p>
<p>Never say or do anything, you would not do or say in public, on My Campus.</p>
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